Most business owners find that their business takes time and focus almost as much as big businesses do- sometimes even more. As a business owner, one can easily lose focus and lose track of time when work becomes hectic and overloaded. Losing time and focus is seriously bad for business as it leads to low work efficiency and ultimately downturns business productivity. ‘Leisure time’ for small business owners is sometimes impossible to acquire. However, by utilising the time saving tips in this post, you will be able to increase your business productivity.


With these 5 tips, you’ll be able to save time better:




Optimism is good for business but it’s bad for setting up your work schedule. As a business owner, things won’t always go as planned. It’s important to include spare time in your schedule for unforeseen contingencies. If this is done, you won’t have to worry about rescheduling whenever you’re faced with unexpected circumstances.




As a small business owner, you can easily lose track of time immediately the work day begins until it ends. Work starts in the morning and before you know it the day’s over, and then the week comes to a close. In order to reduce wasted time, you need to be time conscious.

Pay attention to time when you’re working and try to understand the time you need to complete each task. Doing this will help you maximise and reduce time wastage.

Setting reminders for deadlines and new tasks will also let you keep track of your tasks and time. Multiple reminders should be set for your projects to help you stay on track with your schedule.




It’s inevitable for business owners to sometimes find themselves behind schedule. When this happens, instead of cancelling, delaying or rescheduling projects, it’s best to prioritize.

Prepare a list of all tasks in order of their importance. This will allow you to focus on your major and most productive projects. Prioritizing keeps you organized, motivated and let’s you save time for other tasks.




Automation is one of the most vital strategies when it comes down to saving time in one’s business. Automation allows tasks that would ordinarily take a whole lot of time to be completed in far less time. Repetitive tasks like accounting, marketing, social media and payroll roll can be automated to help save time. This is made possible through the use of automation tools. Automation tools help keep certain parts of your business organized and lets your business run like clockwork.

For instance, you won’t waste time writing and sending emails to each vendor and customer if you use email marketing tools. Email marketing tools let you send emails to every vendor and customer all at once. Other tools that let parts of your business run automatically are also available.




Delegating work tasks means to empower another individual or body to act for you. This method helps to reduce work burden as some of your duties are conferred on another on your behalf. Small business owners usually overburden themselves with work; They believe no one else can do their work for them as well as they can.

However, as business grows and workload increases, it becomes necessary for owners to delegate certain tasks appropriately. This allows work efficiency to rise, as well as business productivity. The most effective way to do this is by outsourcing services from externals.


By utilising the time saving tips in this post, you might notice a significant increase in productivity and a decrease in the stress coupled with running your business.