Graphic design is the skill of producing visual content in order to pass a message. A well made graphic content greatly benefits your business, you can read more about this here. This has led to an increasing demand for graphic designers, also causing more and more people to delve into the craft of Graphic design –Having doubts? Ever seen any great business today without a logo? The answer is no.

Now that you know why you need a graphic designer, what’s next is to know whom you can hire for your design. If you’re still thinking, “How do I hire a graphic designer? How will I know who to hire? Is there enough time to think this through? “. This post is everything you need to know about how to make the right decision in hiring a graphic designer that’s good for your design aesthetics. No doubt by the end of this post, you will be able to make clear and concise decisions on hiring graphic designers.


Before we learn how to make the right decision for a graphic designer, it’s important to understand the types of graphic designers you could choose from. In this post, we’ll be dealing with 2 types of graphic designer namely: FREELANCE DESIGNERS and INHOUSE DESIGNERS. To speed things up, we’ll have a look at their pros and cons.


A  FREELANCE GRAPHIC DESIGNER is self-employed but takes on contract jobs for organizations and businesses.


They can be contacted flexibly.

Their cost is less when compared to In-house designers

They deliver good quality work.


Their work term is short

They won’t be very familiar with your brand unless briefed well enough.

Their availability for last-minute works will not always be possible.


An INHOUSE GRAPHIC DESIGNER is a graphic designer hired full time by organizations or businesses to create graphic designs for the organization or business alone.


They’re always available to create designs for you

They are completely familiar with your brand’s style

Their work term is longer, compared to Freelancers.


They are paid regularly regardless of whether or not you assign them a design to produce

Commitment to a full-time employee may limit improvements.


There you have it. All that’s left is to make your choice depending on the conditions you can cope with. However, if you’re looking to combine the good parts and less of the cons of both freelance and in-house designers, then CREATIVE BUTLERS is what’s right for you. Why?

Creative Butlers tries to fill the gap between hiring a freelancer and an in-house designer. Here’s why you need CREATIVE BUTLERS for your graphic design

It’s a subscription-based design service at a monthly, pocket-friendly flat-rate.

Subscriptions can be paused and continued depending on when you want your design! It allows you get your money’s worth!

Designs made for you can be revised as much as possible until you’re satisfied, without any extra charge.

More of the quality, Less of the inconvenience.